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本莊園結合大自然的環境空氣好,周圍沒有工廠的汙染,環境清幽隱密, 前方望海 ,後方觀山。 所有的設計皆以馬匹的福利為優先。


技術總監已有超過20餘年的馬術專業,且馬匹的飼養與訓練皆是國內頂尖的選手。本莊園與德國教育體系連結、外籍教練合作 。











  • 年費    8 萬

  • 飼養調教馬匹  55000元 含10次課程

  • 飼養馬匹  40000元 騎乘卷 1500元一張

  • 學生騎乘卷一張  2800元

  • 體驗卷一張 2000元



    6 Advantages


Effective Management

Management by layers ensures that every business is clearly defined and taken care of, with proper supervision and tracking mechanisms in place. Professional management teams have clear understandings of every aspect of the operation.

Pleasant Environment

Our resort is surrounded by sublime nature and fresh air due to the absence of any kind of industrial pollution nearby. The grounds are hidden in a serene and secluded environment embraced by mountains in the back and an ocean view in front.


Our Technical Director has had over 20 years of equestrian experience in nurturing        horses and training professional horse riders, most of whom are well-known equestrians in Taiwan. Our resort also works with coaches from other countries, and we employ the use of the German education and training system to continually improve.

Reliable Transport

Our resorts are equipped with high quality horse trucks featuring great noise and heat insulation, with foam padding installed on each wall for deeper protection. Our transport services include on-site training to calm the new horses while adapting to new environments. Specialized horse trucks ensure the safety and of the horses and a tranquil condition during transport.

Quality Horses

Our horses are carefully selected from Europe by our director. All horses sold by us have a guarantee of the utmost quality together with after-sales service.

Well-rounded Medical Treatment

All horses are included in the family doctor program, which aims to have full control over the health condition of every single horse, because we strongly believe in the wisdom of the phrase “Prevention is better than a cure.” Equine veterinarians conduct monthly check-ups on each horse, making sure that each horse stays in the best condition. We cannot emphasize enough on how important the health of each horse is, so we carefully document their health records.

Our Prices

  • Annual Fee: NTD 80,000
  • Livery and Training lessons: NTD 55,000 including 10 lessons in horsemanship
  • Livery: NTD 40,000, including a horse ride worth of NTD 1,500
  • Horse Ride for Student: NTD 2,800/ride
  • Horse Ride for Experience Program: NTD 2,000/ride (must purchase riding lesson on the 4th ride)