Our Team/我們的團隊

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執行長 官政穎





技術總監 林健平

對馬術的熱情從小時就在內心燃燒至今已有20年以上飼養馬匹調教馬匹的專業和經驗,於德國受訓有著正統的馬匹調教觀念, 技術上不斷的躍升,積極參與賽事且有著卓越成績。

2017 全國馬場馬術錦標賽 Prix St. Georges級 亞軍

2015 FEI 世界挑戰盃國際錦標賽一星級 Prix St. Georges級 亞軍

2014 FEI 世界挑戰盃國際錦標賽 Preliminary級 冠軍

2014 中正盃 馬場馬術 Advanced級 第四名

藝術總監 官明穎

畢業於英國中央聖馬丁服裝設計系,從國中就在國外就讀自然接受馬術運動課程, 對馬術運動極度喜愛,也擁有自己的馬匹,對馬的相關事宜非常熟練。負責所有會員服裝、比賽服裝和馬匹裝備的設計。

人事主任 謝孟成



CEO Janice Kuan

Janice graduated from University of California, Riverside, with a degree in Business Administration. Previously serving as General Manager at Aloha Bus Transportation for 5 years, Janice brings her professional experience to Trinity and is dedicated to driving the business forward to towards a brand-new chapter in the equestrian industry.

 Technical Director Marco Lin

With a strong passion for equestrian sports since his childhood, Marco has had over 20 years of professional experiences in raising and training horses. Marco was professionally trained in equestrian skills in Germany, and has continued to improve his skills and received numerous awards in many competitions. Marco does both show jumping training and dressage in equestrian sports, and continues to improve his skills.  Marco is an ambitious, and highly motivated equestrian, who is always full of spirit and loves to challenge himself in the field of equestrian sport.

2015 FEI Prix St Georges CSI* 2nd Place

2014 FEI World Jumping Challenge 1st Place in Preliminary Class

2014 Chung Cheng Cup Advanced Equestrian 4th Place

Creative Director Yuli Kuan

Yuli graduated from Central Saint Martins with a degree in Fashion Design, and pursued her education outside of Taiwan where she was naturally exposed to equestrian sports starting in middle school. Yuli loves equestrian sports and also has her own horse. With thorough familiarity with horses in general, she is in charge of the design of our membership clothing, equestrian clothing designed for competitions, and horse riding equipment.

Human Resource Elynn Huang

With many years of experience in horse care, Elynn is patient, caring and detailed oriented, with great familiarity with horses.